Our Company

Exclusive representative of FREZITE of Portugal and SCHMALZ of Germany

TORNADO Brand Owner

Providing and distributing of various woodworking tools with good quality and competitive price


17 Years

Our history

- Technical knowledge of wood machines
- Correct understanding of the woodworking tools and their application
- Familiarity with the production of wood products to introduce the most suitable tools .

Providing a variety of high-quality and widely used tools is one of our main concerns in this industry, so Nita Abzar Industrial Group will always continue all its efforts in the tortuous way of providing tools without interruption.

Small step but a big goal

It started with a small step but with a big goal and continuous effort, and we intend to be one of the most reliable brands in the market in order to supply the tools of the wood industry.

Expand product diversity

Given that the company has always looked forward, we intend to increase the variety of widely used products in all areas of the industry, and we hope to have a variety of decent products with your support.

Transformation at a glance

Undoubtedly, it is one of the famous brands in the current market of Tornado brand with CNC and Oferres razor products, which has brought quality along with competitive prices for its customers.

Creator of one of the top brands in Iran

The approach of Nita Abzar is to create a set of strong and coherent services that can be based on the needs of the market, relying on their experiences and modern knowledge to become the best brand in the market along with the major brands in Iran.

Production problems solving

One of our most important goals is to build trust in order to help solve production problems in the provision of special and customized tools that will reduce waste of time and energy, speed and accuracy in work and high final quality in the production of products. We are ready to provide customized tools with your knowledge according to your needs.

Nita Abzar be the Best

Nita Industrial Group has designed and implemented its strategy to be the best, we believe that planned activities and providing honest services to reputable manufacturers give us the ability to be the best.

Help solve production problems


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